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Learn to control unexpected fear responses in the chaos of combat, safely within training. With Train R.E.A.L., we push the boundaries of realism to prepare you for the unexpected.

This offer is exclusively for military and law enforcement special forces

The Problem

In high-stress situations, our brains often default to primal responses. The amygdala, a part of the brain responsible for emotional processing, can override logical thinking in what is known as an 'amygdala hijack'. This triggers a fight or flight response, which can be detrimental in situations that require calm, logical decision-making.

Military and law enforcement personnel, who often find themselves in high-stress situations, are particularly at risk. Without proper training, these responses can lead to suboptimal performance in the field and, over time, increase the risk of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

A term coined by psychologist Daniel Goleman, it describes when stress triggers a fight or flight response that impairs the crucial rational decision-making for military and law enforcement personnel. Access to the prefrontal cortex, the center for logical thinking and weighing up situations, such as assessing targets, to shoot or not to shoot, is no longer accessible during an amygdala hijacking as long as the acute stress situation persists. 

The fight or flight response is a primitive reaction to a perceived threat. While the fight or flight response can be helpful in some situations, it can impair an operator's ability to effectively act in combat situations. In addition to fight and flight responses, freezing and uncontrolled affective actions can also occur.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition triggered by traumatic events. It's a significant risk for military and law enforcement personnel, potentially impacting their long-term wellbeing and performance.

Scientific research supports this. Studies have shown that repeated exposure to high-stress situations without adequate coping mechanisms can lead to long-term mental health issues. One such study, published by the Defense Technical Information Center, highlights the importance of stress inoculation training in military and law enforcement.

Our Train R.E.A.L. concept addresses these issues head-on. By creating ultra-realistic training scenarios, we allow trainees to experience and adapt to high-stress situations in a safe environment. This not only improves performance in the field but also reduces the long-term risk of PTSD.

Our Solution

Our solution, the Train R.E.A.L. concept, revolutionizes stress inoculation training. By creating ultra-realistic scenarios, we expose trainees to high-stress situations in a controlled environment. This exposure helps trainees adapt to stress, improving their performance in real-world situations.

Our unique approach, backed by our extensive experience in the Film Industryensures a level of realism unmatched in conventional training. Train R.E.A.L. is not just training; it's an experience that prepares you for the realities of the field.

From simple standard drills to highly complex scenarios. Both as a special addition to your daily training and as preparation for specific operations. Together with your trainers, we design tailor-made scenarios exactly according to your wishes.

If desired, our scenarios can be precisely duplicated to internalize life-saving drills through repetition and to enable successful experiences for your team.

We draw on our network of professional stunt performers & actors. All with extensive experience in various tactical military trainings and practice in filling every conceivable scenario with real interactions. This allows us to confront the trainees with the unpredictable human component. 

Safety is our top priority. Leveraging our extensive experience in the film industry, we apply rigorous safety protocols to ensure that even the most intense training scenarios are conducted safely. Our background in creating high-risk stunts and special effects for films allows us to simulate extreme situations without compromising on safety.

Our ultra-realistic scenarios are capable of generating real stress, which has been proven to lead to improved management of one's own stress responses and thus allows for improved access to the prefrontal cortex in an emergency.

If desired, we provide professional video documentation of the scenarios for subsequent frame-by-frame evaluation. Absolute discretion is a matter of course for us.

Experience the Train R.E.A.L. Difference Today

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Behind the Concept: Martin GOeres

The heart of our operation and the visionary behind Train R.E.A.L.
Martin's journey in the movie business began in 1995, and since then, he has become a sought-after Stunt Coordinator and Special Effects Supervisor. His work on international Hollywood movie sets keeps him at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.
But Martin's expertise goes beyond the film set. His personal experience as a stuntman and -coordinator, managing people in existential fears on a daily basis, led him to delve deeper into fear management and the neuropsychological background of human conflicts. 

Parallel he regularly completed specialized trainings in Counter IED, EOD, and combat use of explosives. The combination of this has equipped him with a unique skill set that sets TrainR.E.A.L. apart.

His vision for Train R.E.A.L. is driven by a deep commitment to give military and law enforcement personnel the opportunity prepare for the worst-case scenarios in the safest way possible.

May those who claim only peace for their lives be protected by those who are willing to fight for it

Area of Operation

Based in Berlin, we can offer our service on any training ground, even on facilities where pyrotechnics are prohibited, thanks to our specialized equipment. With our special abilities, we can also create complex situations in public spaces if needed.

Experience the Train R.E.A.L. Difference Today

Reach out and take the first step towards revolutionizing your training approach.

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